Telling Our Stories: Theatre for Action (TOSTA)

“Sexual violence and harassment are a reality in every community in this province – and this is not acceptable”  – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

Canadian Sexual Assault Reporting Rates

From the Government of Ontario’s 2015 report titled, “It’s Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment.

In March 2015, Premier Wynne released a 35-page action plan outlining  how  her government is spearheading an initiative to end sexual violence and harassment in Ontario. As she explains, “We need to talk about sexual violence and harassment in every community, every classroom and every workplace. And that conversation needs to include everyone – women and men, young people, seniors, people living with disabilities, newcomers and members of culturally diverse communities, aboriginal people, visible minorities, and the LGBTQ community,” (Wynne, 2015).

We will be the first to admit that sexual violence is hard to talk about. It’s often some combination of uncomfortable, painful, embarrassing, awkward, and/or frightening for both the storyteller and the listener. This is why we created TOSTA.

Starfish Productions is working with rape survivors and Ontario-based community organizations to bring you the innovative project, “Telling Our Stories: Theatre for Action (TOSTA)”.  By fostering a collective voice with a wide breadth of experience and expertise, this project can start this conversation in meaningful ways. Importantly, TOSTA puts survivors at the center of all the work and provides a safe platform for these individuals to have their voices heard. Join us in supporting sexual assault survivors to lead change within Toronto.

So… what exactly is TOSTA?
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