Thank you to everyone who came out to watch our production of “Spike Heels”, especially to those who took the time to write a review of show. 

March 2, 2013: “A very intense and interesting show! The characters felt real, I wanted to know/cared what happened to each one. I liked the build up to Lydia’s entrance, the constant talk about her made me want to meet her. The vampire description was also great, really funny! I liked the running tea joke and the bits of humour that added release to intense scenes.  I am glad I came to see this show!” – Lauren

March 2, 2013: “Suprisingly poignant.  Riveting performances by all the cast, especially the person playing the part of Georgie. She was extremely believable and even moved me to tears at one point in the performance. Cannot wait for the next project being offered by this amazing company Starfish Productions as they are consistently thought provoking and entertaining!”  – Karen

March 7, 2013: “I enjoyed “Spike Heels” at Red Sandcastle Theatre. The cast of four was excellent, very engaging and very believable. The interplay between and among the characters was so natural. Georgie (Shannon Stevens) was particularly good, very energetic, very changeable. The dialogue was biting at times. Sitting in the audience, I felt very connected to the action which was only few feet away. I experienced the awkwardness, the shock, the emotions of  Andrew, Lydia, Edward and Georgie as the play progressed. It’s always a joy as a member of the audience to be able to see all the subtle facial expressions and body movements of the actors. Excellent production with a wonderful cast who clicked together throughout the play” – Bryan

March 9, 2013: “A strong cast brought a powerful performance to the production of Spiked Heels. Having read the programme with information on sexual abuse prior to curtain call, I had a heightened sense of awareness watching two male characters decide what is best for the leading female character, but ultimately not wane her individual strength and perseverance. Being in an intimate space added to the intense and uncomfortable situation unfolding. The running time was a touch too long, but it didn’t hinder the overall great live experience. If you missed the play, you missed a real gem.” – James

March 9, 2013: “Starfish Productions brings together a rare mix of talent and intelligence with their enactments of Theresa Black’s Spike Heels. The emotionally charged performances (most notably by producer/performer Shannon Stevens) envelope the audience in the company’s Canadian debut. The plays mix of terse subject matter and wry humour leave the viewer contently challenged through its moral balancing act. Likewise, indulging the audience with sociological undertones, the Starfish troupe present greatly more than your typical night’s theater – a welcome treat”. – Andrew

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