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We are working with an international team to design and implement a performance measurement system that measures the impacts of the Tumaini Children`s Drop In Centre, a place that helps to rehabilitate street kids in Eldoret, Kenya.  The goals of this research are as follows:

  • to describe the positive and negative impacts of TCDIC on those who attend TCDIC;
  • to describe existing barriers to an alternative lifestyle for street children & youth;
  • use the information to inform future program planning and
  • use the information to attract funders.

One of the key facets of this research relies on feedback from street kids, using an innovative evaluation tool called Photovoice.

Photovoice equips street kids with cameras so they can tell their stories to the adults who have the power to change their world.  In Eldoret, it will give the staff and volunteers who work with street kids greater insights into the lives of these children.  It also gives street kids a powerful tool to tell their stories to a broader audience, both within their communities and around the world.  Street kids in Kenya are used to being ignored by adults.  Photovoice offers a constructive and empowering way for kids to reduce the stigmas they face on a daily basis.

This technique has been used around the world to bring the views and ideas of street kids to a broader audience.  For many kids, it is the first time in their lives that they are able to help others to see life through their eyes. This project uses this tool in a new way – by pairing Photovoice with an ongoing monitoring and evaluation project, the results will be inform future operations to ensure Tumaini is meeting the needs of these children & youth.

The results of this research will be displayed through a photo exhibition in Eldoret, Kenya, Indianapolis, USA and Toronto, Canada. In addition to raising awareness of the plight of homelessness, all funds raised will go towards getting these individuals off the street by sending them home, getting them back into school and connecting youths with sustainable livelihoods through training & education.

This project would be impossible to complete without donations from people like you!


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