Through your help, street kids can tell their stories to their communities and the world.  A small drop-in centre could improve upon and expand its services to rehabilitate thousands of children who have never experienced life off the streets.  This is an exciting opportunity for people who live outside of Kenya to have a meaningful and positive impact.

I will keep you updated on our progress through this website (here), and would gladly hear your reactions and feedback to the work we are doing.

Your donations would be supporting an ethical project that has passed the ethics boards of the University of Toronto, Moi University (Kenya) and Indiana University (USA). I guarantee you that you are investing in a worthwhile project and your contribution will be put towards its realization!

Where your money is going:

We have a modest budget in relation to the scale of impact we will have in Eldoret.

Our budget breakdown is as follows:

  • Staff (including a research assistant and 2 photovoice facilitators) = 591.00
  • Participant compensation = 396.00
  • Materials (including disposable cameras, photo development, exhibit materials) = 2,487.00
  • Africa Travel Specific Expenses (including Visa, malaria prophylaxis) = 1,526.00
  • Miscellaneous (including internet, photovoice group meeting room rentals) = 735.00

Total = $5, 735


We need your help. Please consider being part of this innovative project and donating:
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Thank You! / Asante Sana!

If you would rather not make a donation online, please fill out the below form and we will send you details about alternative donation methods.

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