About Tumaini

The Tumaini Children`s Drop In Centre (TCDIC) was opened two years ago in Eldoret, Kenya, to help get kids permanently off the street.

The centre is run by staff and volunteers who provide education, life skills coaching, connect youth to housing, and offer positive outlets like art, culture and recreation.

These services help kids to gain confidence, learn healthy practices and new skills.  This translates into many kids returning to school, gaining employment, starting their own business, reuniting with their families, and finding supportive housing or living independently.

Over the past two years over 600 street children and youth have been through TCDIC.

There is a growing need for TCDIC to expand its services.¬† Building a strong monitoring and evaluation system would greatly improve TCDIC’s ability to garner more funding to do this while also contributing vital information to help improve their existing services. It is also essential to include the opinions and ideas of the street children & youth that come to Tumaini. Photovoice seeks to do this while helping Tumaini fulfil their mission of empowering these individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

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