• Pre-Departure

    Posted on January 17, 2012 by in Photovoice

    I was trying to draft my To-Do list for the next 10 days… and decided to procrastinate by writing a blog.

    The last few days have been quite filed with photovoice updates… In December, I lost my ethics approval virginity and submitted my first proposal for photovoice. Today, I got an email that listed two pages worth of comments, questions and must edits by UofT’s ethics committee followed by an email from my supervisor that said, “Ah, bit of work ahead eh? Jennica please send me your updated draft by next Friday.” Grrrrreat.

    On a positive side, I followed up with one of the company-donation pleas I made on Friday… and he has already talked with his partner about getting the cameras for us and should have an answer by Friday. He was so nice and engaged when I met him – fingers crossed! In addition, I have 4 other people to follow-up with tomorrow and, at the moment, I am feeling very hopeful. The act of going into companies to ask for money has made me grow a lot as a person – forget the epicness of preparing the materials needed to go & talk to a company (thanks Kareem & Jesse), just the thought of going in to ask filled me with instant dread complete with sweaty palms and heart-pounding. Fingers crossed this works out… as the cameras are one of the biggest expenses. If it does work out, next problem = how to get them into my luggage with the needed clothes & North American Only materials with a 50lbs of stuff allowance (I know – first world problem)?

    I have no idea how it’s  all going to happen, but somehow I will be on a plane to Kenya on Feb 1. This has been a long time coming. On January 13th, I officially resigned from my job (my first resignation letter ever written). I got all my vaccinations. I have subleted my apartment and have moved all of my personal belongings to my parents (thanks Mom & Dad!).  I am starting to see people for the last time until I get back… which makes everything just that much more real.

    I’m pumped. I feel clueless. I feel more excited than anything I’ve done before. I feel motivated. I feel terrified. I’m worried I’m going to fail, but just slightly less than I am motivated to prove I can do something this large-scale. I’m worried about how I am going to change… and even more so about how this new person is going to fit back into my Toronto life.

    Next Saturday is the fundraiser…. at this moment if feels like a mountain lies between now and then. One step at a time I suppose. If I don’t get to see you this week (or even if I do), please stop by the fundraiser to say goodbye. Your support on this project would mean a lot to me…

    Talk soon….

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