• Last 48 hours in Canada

    Posted on January 30, 2012 by in Photovoice

    So I officially moved out of my apartment today… and it was in the final moments of sitting alone with my stuff at the door that everything started to become very real. I’m leaving my home & Toronto…. which means it’s only a matter of time (a very tangible amount of time) that I leave Brampton, Canada and basically my life. Finishing classes, resigning from my job, packing up my desk, packing up my room in Toronto and even the fundraiser were all just single tasks that I could focus on without paying much attention to the end goal. Ignorance is bliss!

    I have spent the afternoon sorting all my belongings to see what I should take with me… and have ended up with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff and just feel… oh how to explain…. overwhelmed maybe?  It’s a funny feeling. As the time gets closer, I increasingly feel incredibly excited and feel myself getting more focused on the project & what needs to get done. The rest of my life kind of fads into the background leaving just a lot of potential and the chance to make a small different. I believe this is the excitement that comes with a challenging task you aren’t sure you can succeed at (but believe you can to your core because, if you don’t believe, who the hell will?!). At the same time, this impeding farewell is hanging over my head leaving me scared and unsure of myself. This internal battle made me realize that doing what’s best for you in definitely not always easy…. and knowing its the right thing in the midst of the fear, pain and uncertainity is a bitch of a thing. LOL.

    I’m rambling…

    … the point of this blog was to thank everyone who came to the fundraiser despite the crazy weather and the busyness of their lives. Your support means more than I can share in this blog. I know that Eeyore book is going to come in handy multiple times this trip so thank you for sharing that with me. To everyone who donated – your generosity really means a lot to me. Just so you know, I have found someone to buy my cameras from at cost (as well as had 50% of them donated by different camera companies in Toronto) so every $5 you gave bought a camera for the project. THANK YOU/ASANTE SANA. You are fabulous!!

    That’s all for now… time to try to make my bed not look like a bomb just went off leaving my life in chaos!

    PS – I leave Wednesday evening, get a nice 2 hour lay over in Amsterdam as a tease, and will be there Friday at midnight Toronto time… as long as I survive the 1.5 hour trip on one of the those mini-planes that scare the crap out of me (the last leg of the trip… do do do).

    PPS – You’re amazing… thank you for being in my life!

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