Sexual Assault Information

Don't Blame the Victim!“Sexual Assault can happen to women, men, transgendered people, young or old. A person can be sexually assaulted by a stranger, their partner, dates, coworkers, acquaintances or family members. People in authority and professionals can also commit sexual assault. Even if the survivor is very close to the person who sexually assaulted them, it is still a crime.

Sometimes people who have been sexually assaulted feel as though it is their fault. Sexual assault is never your fault. It does not matter what you were wearing, what you were doing, who you were with, or where you were.  Sexual assault is the fault of the person who commits the crime”

– Toronto Police Service  (from Toronto Police Service’s Guide for Sexual Assault Survivors)

Get the Facts

● For every 200 people you see in Canada over the age of 15, about 5 have been sexually assaulted in the last 12 months^

● Most sexual assaults were committed by  someone who the person knew (80%)*

● The majority of these crimes were never reported to police (88%)^; a rate significantly higher than any  other violent crime*


Break the Silence!

No matter where in Ontario you live, there are people available to help you in whatever ways you want. You do not have to go through this alone. Confidential, non-judgmental, and anonymous services available for everyone. It’s time to break the silence.

Toronto-Based Services


Toronto Rape Crisis Centre: Multi Cultural Women Against Rape

Toronto-RCC-logoTRCC/MWAR operates on principles of mutual respect and anti-oppression; they believe survivors of sexual violence are experts in their own healing. Together they work to  empower survivors of all races, classes, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and spiritualities.

TRCC/MWAR is a grassroots, women-run collective working towards a violence-free world by providing anti-oppressive, feminist peer support to survivors of sexual violence through support, education and activism.

Services provided:
• 24 Hour crisis line (416-597-8808)
• In person, one—to—one counselling sessions M-F (416-597-1171) & support groups for survivors
• Public Education and workshops
• Court support, advocacy and   accompaniment around issues relating to family law, criminal justice system, refugee/immigration, medical and other government related agencies.
• Information and referral: we offer referrals to counselling, health, legal clinics and other government / community agencies.

10% of net proceeds will be donated to this amazing organization.

Please consider further supporting the outstanding and critical work TRCC/MWAR does every day.

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