Our version of Nicholas Kazan’s Blood Moon was a huge success and we couldn’t be more proud! Thank you to everyone who came out to the show to support local theatre and engaged with this important topic. We hope you loved it as much as we did.  We would like to thank the Cast (Shannon, Thomas, and Michael), Director (Alec), Stage Manager (Shashwat), and Set Designer (Sara) for all of their hard work, creative talent, and humour throughout the production. It was a pleasure learning from all of you. A special thank you to Toronto Rape Crisis Centre for their insight, collaboration,  and participation in our Thursday Talk Backs.

Shannon and Jennica
Starfish Production Directors

Show Reviews

The play mAct 1oved me in many ways…. it made me angry…. made me feel helpless….. made me cry….made me feel rebellious….among other things. The acting was outstanding…. each character was portrayed well…. Ms. Stevens’ performance shone…. so convincing….such passion displayed in her craft..breathtaking…. so real…. I don’t think it could be improved upon…. I applaud Starfish Productions for bringing this play to Toronto…. well done!!” -Karen

This is my first Starfish Productions viewing but I’m looking forward to their next projects. Blood Moon was a fantastic play. The run time was tight and didn’t feel like it ever dragged. The set was minimalist so it didn’t distract from the actors. I think it was really well cast. Shannon as Monya portrays naivete, skepticism, passive-aggressiveness, and desperation very convincingly. Michael and Thomas really show their seasoned acting skills as Alan and Gregory respectively. The small venue provided for a very intimate experience and really compelled me into the play in a way that bigger, more lushAct 1 theaters don’t. The only nitpick I have is with a directorial choice. In her monologues to the audience, Monya doesn’t actually look at the audience but rather into a camera in the upper-left of the stage. It felt a little jarring and weird. While the camera then reflected her face back to the audience through a screen on top of the play, it felt like an unnecessary step. I think having Monya’s piercing gaze directed at us would do even more to further our empathy with her, and set her character apart from the other two.” – Petre

Act 2For a 3 character show with minimal set design and prop use it displayed what I believe everyone set out to accomplish, character development/character investment. Firstly it’s tough subject matter; and seeing a woman in any circumstance like this is difficult to watch, but it’s pulled of with a certain poise and grace that beckons the feeling of hate to surface yet manifest itself in to a certain curiosity. What on earth is she going to do for revenge? I think it’s important to bring tough subject matter like that of rape to the forefront of society, make people see and hear what happens everyday around them. Ignorance will never be an excuse and I commend all involved with this show for having the courage to deliver a message that most of us would be uncomfortable talking about..” – Ryan

One of the best theatre experiences I’ve had. I was constantly engaged throughout the play, and when the lights came up for intermission I was surprised an hour had already passed. Each actor was fantastic. Shannon Stevens moved effortlessly and convincingly between an innocent 19 year old and a hardened mature young woman, and brought an emotional intensity to the performance that had me affected for hours. Michael Gordin Shore made my skin crawl, bringing an intelligence and charm to an outright evil character. Thomas Gough managed to make me simultaneously sympathize and dislike his character. The minimal set and sharp direction allowed me to focus on the nuances of the performances, as well as the play itself. An excellent production dealing with some very poignant themes and issues.” – Trevor

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