About Us

Who We Are

Starfish Productions is an organization that believes all forms of knowledge are important and, only through their combined insights, can we solve today’s problems. Our own expertise is in art (theatre production, writing, acting, workshop facilitator), evaluation, and arts-based knowledge translation. We combined the strengths of our expertise with those of our clients to do innovative projects that start difficult conversations and stimulate change.

How We Work

We are founded on collaboration and, thus, co-create our projects with partners.  We enable partners to select the level of collaboration that suits them best, ranging from completely hands-off to shared leadership where they co-design and co-implement the project. By leveraging our expertise and previous experiences we advise, facilitate, and develop research-informed art projects as well as mixed methods evaluations that often include arts-based tools. Each project is distinct as we tailored it to your needs and the unique features of the communities they serve.

Why Starfish Productions?

People choose Starfish Productions because we are passionate about what we do and achieve results. They appreciate our partnership approach, our breadth of expertise, and our emphasis on integrating different types of knowledge. People trust us to support them to make positive impacts within their communities.


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